Magnetic Fields are energy fields generated by a special type of surface from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Found primarily in the Goron Mines, these blue fields are found on certain ceilings and walls. When Link equips the Iron Boots while adjacent to a magnet, he will cling onto it, allowing him to progress through the Mines. While magnetized, Link walks slowly and cannot jump, roll, or flip; but he can wield most of his items, such as the sword. Also, some magnets are controlled by cranes that can transport Link short distances. Some magnetic fields extend a great distance in a single direction, allowing Link to be pulled to the surface from far away. The magnetic fields are strong enough to keep Link from being tilted off the surface in the battles against Dangoro and Zant or moved even less than if he wore only the Iron Boots, such as in the battle with Fyrus.

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