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Magician Contest (The Ringer)

The Magician's Contest

The Magician's Contest is an event featured in "The Ringer" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series.[1] Taking place inside the North Castle, it is being judged by Princess Zelda and is only meant for amateur magicians.[1][2]

At the start of the contest, an old wizard shows the princess a spell that he uses in his garden, which makes a tomatoe grow instantly;[3] however, the tomatoe grows bigger until it explodes all over the wizard and Zelda. At that moment, Ganon arrives, who had disguised himself to enter the contest and cause a distraction to retrieve the Triforce of Wisdom.[4] When Zelda asks him if he is an amateur magician, the evil wizard answers by making a bird appear out of his hands, which the princess approves of but asks that he wait his turn.[5] Zelda continues to judge the contest while Ganon makes the bird turn into an Ache and orders it to go see who is guarding the Triforce of Wisdom.[6] Meanwhile, another magician shows Zelda the spell that removes the stinkiness from his socks.[7] The Ache eventually returns and informs Ganon that Link is guarding the Triforce, and when one of the magicians makes a lizard appear on Zelda's hand, Ganon uses his magic to turn the lizard into a fire-breathing dragon that promptly turns towards the princess, thus permanently ending the contest for the rest of the episode.



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