"Rings do nothing unless worn!"

Magical Rings are items from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Specifically, Magical Rings is the term given to Seed Rings that have been appraised by Vasu. The Seed Ring Link receives will usually be one random ring out of the total of sixty-four; however, there are certain Magical Rings that can only be obtained by completing certain tasks. Likewise, there are some rings that can only be obtained from one game and in one location. As Vasu states, in order to activate the ability in a ring, it must be worn. To equip a ring, it must first be placed in the Ring Box from Vasu's list. It can the be activated from the start menu, resulting in an "E" appearing over it. Link can only equip one ring at a time.

Seed Rings can be found in a number of ways, such as Gasha Seed Trees, Maple meetings, mini-games, shops, and Treasure Chests. Obtaining every ring from one game is impossible; however, by creating a Linked Game, it becomes possible to obtain the rings Link could not on the other game. By using the Hero's Secret on the Linked Game cartridge, even more rings become available as the new series progresses.

Several rings can only be obtained while playing the game on a Game Boy Advance.

The list of appraised Rings is as follows, in the order they can be found in Link's ring list at Vasu Jewelers.

(Note: an increase of 1 is the equivalent of 1/4.

Ex 1. An increase of 2 to Link's sword damage means he does 50% more damage.

Ex 2. A decrease of 3 to Link's defense means he takes 75% more damage; enemies that will normally deal 1 heart of damage will deal 1 3/4 hearts of damage.)

Number Name In-game description
1 Friendship RingFriendship Ring Symbol of a meeting
2 Power Ring L-1Power Ring L-1 Sword damage +1, Damage taken +1
3 Power Ring L-2Power Ring L-2 Sword damage +2, Damage taken +2
4 Power Ring L-3Power Ring L-3 Sword damage +3, Damage taken +3
5 Armor Ring L-1Armor Ring L-1 Sword damage -1, Damage taken -1
6 Armor Ring L-2Armor Ring L-2 Sword damage -2, Damage taken -2
7 Armor Ring L-3Armor Ring L-3 Sword damage -3, Damage taken -3
8 Red Ring (Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons)Red Ring Sword Damage x2
9 Blue Ring (Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons)Blue Ring Damage taken 1/2
10 Green RingGreen Ring Sword damage +1, Damage taken -1
11 Cursed RingCursed Ring 1/2 Sword Damage, Damage taken x2
12 Expert's RingExpert's Ring Punch when not equipped
13 Blast RingBlast Ring Bomb damage +2
14 Rang Ring L-1Rang Ring L-1 Boomerang damage +1
15 GBA Time RingGBA Time Ring Life Advanced!
16 Maple's RingMaple's Ring Maple meetings ↑
17 Steadfast RingSteadfast Ring Get knocked back less
18 Pegasus RingPegasus Ring Lengthen Pegasus Seed effect
19 Toss RingToss Ring Throwing distance +1
20 Heart Ring L-1Heart Ring L-1 Slowly recover lost Hearts
21 Heart Ring L-2Heart Ring L-2 Recover lost Hearts
22 Swimmer's RingSwimmer's Ring Swimming Speed +1
23 Charge RingCharge Ring Spin Attack charges quickly
24 Light Ring L-1Light Ring L-1 Sword beams at -2 Hearts
25 Light Ring L-2Light Ring L-2 Sword beams at -3 Hearts
26 Bomber's RingBomber's Ring Set two Bombs at once
27 Green Luck RingGreen Luck Ring 1/2 damage from traps
28 Blue Luck RingBlue Luck Ring 1/2 damage from beams
29 Gold Luck RingGold Luck Ring 1/2 damage from falls
30 Red Luck RingRed Luck Ring 1/2 damage from spiked floors
31 Green Holy RingGreen Holy Ring No damage from electricity
32 Blue Holy RingBlue Holy Ring No damage from Zora's fire
33 Red Holy RingRed Holy Ring No damage from small rocks
34 Snowshoe RingSnowshoe Ring No sliding on ice
35 Roc's RingRoc's Ring Cracked floors don't crumble
36 Quicksand RingQuicksand Ring No sinking in quicksand
37 Red Joy RingRed Joy Ring Beasts drop double Rupees
38 Blue Joy RingBlue Joy Ring Beasts drop double Hearts
39 Gold Joy RingGold Joy Ring Find double items
40 Green Joy RingGreen Joy Ring Find double Ore Chunks
41 Discovery RingDiscovery Ring Sense soft earth nearby
42 Rang Ring L-2Rang Ring L-2 Boomerang damage +2
43 Octo RingOcto Ring Become an Octorok
44 Moblin RingMoblin Ring Become a Moblin
45 Like Like RingLike Like Ring Become a Like Like
46 Subrosian RingSubrosian Ring Become a Subrosian
47 First Gen RingFirst Gen Ring Become something?
48 Spin RingSpin Ring Double Spin Attack
49 Bombproof RingBombproof Ring No damage from your own Bombs
50 Energy RingEnergy Ring Beam replaces Spin Attack
51 Dbl. Edged RingDbl. Edged Ring Sword damage ^ but you get hurt
52 GBA Nature RingGBA Nature Ring Life Advanced!
53 Slayer's RingSlayer's Ring 1000 beasts slain
54 Rupee RingRupee Ring 10,000 Rupees collected
55 Victory RingVictory Ring The Evil King Ganon defeated
56 Sign RingSign Ring 100 signs broken
57 100th Ring100th Ring 100 rings appraised
58 Whisp RingWhisp Ring No effect from jinxes
59 Gasha RingGasha Ring Grow great Gasha Trees
60 Peace RingPeace Ring No explosion if holding Bomb
61 Zora RingZora Ring Dive without breathing
62 Fist RingFist Ring Punch when not equipped
63 Whimsical RingWhimsical Ring Sword damage -1, Sometimes deadly
64 Protection RingProtection Ring Damage taken is always one Heart

Non-Canon Appearances

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Legend of Zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors RIng Magical Ring (Level 3 Ring)

Wizzro's Level 3 Ring is the Magical Ring and appears to be based on the Green Ring.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Ring Magical Ring (Render)

Promotional Render of the Magical Ring

In addition to the his Level 3 weapon, Wizzro gains a Level 4 weapon called Magical Ring +.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

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