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This page is about the items in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. For the weapon used by Wizzro in Hyrule Warriors, see Ring. For other rings, see Ring (Disambiguation).

Magic Rings,[1] also known as Magical Rings,[2] are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Magical Rings can be found all around Holodrum and Labrynna. Some of them can be obtained randomly by opening Gasha Nuts, stumbling into Maple, through a Ring Fortune, bought in shops, or won in minigames. Magical Rings must be appraised at Vasu Jewelers for 20 Rupees before they can be worn. If a duplicated Ring is obtained, Vasu will buy it for 30 Rupees. Link can initially hold up a single Magical Ring in his Ring Box, which can be upgraded to hold up to five of them. Magical Rings can be transfered between Linked Games by talking to either the Blue or Red Snake.

When worn, Magical Rings grant Link different abilities, such as increased attack or defense. Some Rings are simply collectables and have no effect when worn. Only a single Ring can be worn at a time. A total of 64 different Magical Rings are available in both games.

List of Magical Rings
Ring # Tier Description Fixed Location
OoS Friendship Ring Sprite.png
Friendship Ring
1 Symbol of a meeting Vasu Jewelers
OoS Power Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Power Ring L-1
2 Sword damage Up Arrow
Damage taken Up Arrow
Explorer's Crypt (OoS)
Spirit's Grave (OoA)
OoS Power Ring L-2 Sprite.png
Power Ring L-2
3 3 Sword damage Up ArrowUp Arrow
Damage taken Up ArrowUp Arrow
Crescent Island (OoA)
OoS Power Ring L-3 Sprite.png
Power Ring L-3
4 Sword damage Up ArrowUp ArrowUp Arrow
Damage taken Up ArrowUp ArrowUp Arrow
Hero's Cave (OoS)
OoS Armor Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Armor Ring L-1
5 Damage taken Down Arrow
Sword damage Down Arrow
Moblin's Keep (OoA)
OoS Armor Ring L-2 Sprite.png
Armor Ring L-2
6 Damage taken Down ArrowDown Arrow
Sword damage Down ArrowDown Arrow
Goron Mountain (OoS)
OoS Armor Ring L-3 Sprite.png
Armor Ring L-3
7 Damage taken Down ArrowDown ArrowDown Arrow
Sword damage Down ArrowDown ArrowDown Arrow
Hero's Cave (OoA)
OoS Red Ring Sprite.png
Red Ring
8 Sword damage x 2 North Horon (OoS)
OoS Blue Ring Sprite.png
Blue Ring
9 Damage taken=1/2 Sea of No Return (OoA)
OoS Green Ring Sprite.png
Green Ring
10 5 Sword damage Up Arrow
Damage taken Down Arrow
OoS Cursed Ring Sprite.png
Cursed Ring
11 1 Damage taken x 2
OoS Expert's Ring Sprite.png
Expert's Ring
12 4 Punch when not equipped
OoS Blast Ring Sprite.png
Blast Ring
13 Bomb damage Up Arrow Western Coast (OoS)
OoS Rang Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Rang Ring L-1
14 Boomerang damage Up Arrow Samasa Desert (OoS)
OoS GBA Time Ring Sprite.png
GBA Time Ring
15 Life Advanced! Advance Shop (OoA)
OoS Maple's Ring Sprite.png
Maple's Ring
16 2 Maple meetings Up Arrow
OoS Steadfast Ring Sprite.png
Steadfast Ring
17 Get knocked back less Sword & Shield Maze (OoS)
OoS Pegasus Ring Sprite.png
Pegasus Ring
18 Lengthen Pegasus Seed effect Sea of Storms (OoA)
OoS Toss Ring Sprite.png
Toss Ring
19 2 Throwing distance Up Arrow Mermaid's Cave (Present) (OoA)
OoS Heart Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Heart Ring L-1
20 Slowly recover lost Hearts Temple of Seasons (OoS)
OoS Heart Ring L-2 Sprite.png
Heart Ring L-2
21 3 Recover lost Hearts
OoS Swimmer's Ring Sprite.png
Swimmer's Ring
22 Swimming speed Up Arrow Sunken City (OoS)
OoS Charge Ring Sprite.png
Charge Ring
23 4 Spin Attack charges quickly
OoS Light Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Light Ring L-1
24 Sword beams at -2 Hearts Nuun Highlands (OoA)
OoS Light Ring L-2 Sprite.png
Light Ring L-2
25 Sword beams at -3 Hearts Shooting Gallery (OoA)
OoS Bomber's Ring Sprite.png
Bomber's Ring
26 Set two Bombs at once Rolling Ridge (Past) (OoA)
OoS Green Luck Ring Sprite.png
Green Luck Ring
27 1/2 damage from traps Lynna City (OoA)
OoS Blue Luck Ring Sprite.png
Blue Luck Ring
28 1 1/2 damage from beams Zora Village (Present) (OoA)
OoS Gold Luck Ring Sprite.png
Gold Luck Ring
29 1/2 damage from falls Ambi's Palace (OoA)
OoS Red Luck Ring Sprite.png
Red Luck Ring
30 2 1/2 damage from spiked floors Rolling Ridge (Past) (OoA)
OoS Green Holy Ring Sprite.png
Green Holy Ring
31 1 No damage from electricity Fairies' Woods (OoA)
OoS Blue Holy Ring Sprite.png
Blue Holy Ring
32 1 No damage from Zora's fire
OoS Red Holy Ring Sprite.png
Red Holy Ring
33 1 No damage from small rocks Zora Seas (present) (OoA)
OoS Snowshoe Ring Sprite.png
Snowshoe Ring
34 No sliding on ice Lynna City (OoA)
OoS Roc's Ring Sprite.png
Roc's Ring
35 2 Cracked floors don't crumble
OoS Quicksand Ring Sprite.png
Quicksand Ring
36 2 No sinking in quicksand North Horon (OoS)
OoS Red Joy Ring Sprite.png
Red Joy Ring
37 3 Beasts drop double Rupees
OoS Blue Joy Ring Sprite.png
Blue Joy Ring
38 Beasts drop double Hearts North Horon (Linked Game) (OoS)
Black Tower (Linked Game) (OoA)
OoS Gold Joy Ring Sprite.png
Gold Joy Ring
39 Find double items Rolling Ridge (Present) (OoA)
OoS Green Joy Ring Sprite.png
Green Joy Ring
40 Find double Ore Chunks Mt. Cucco (OoS)
OoS Discovery Ring Sprite.png
Discovery Ring
41 Sense soft earth nearby Gnarled Root Dungeon (OoS)
Spirit's Grave (OoA)
OoS Rang Ring L-2 Sprite.png
Rang Ring L-2
42 5 Boomerang damage
OoS Octo Ring Sprite.png
Octo Ring
43 1 Become an Octorok Holodrum Plain (OoS)
OoS Moblin Ring Sprite.png
Moblin Ring
44 1 Become a Moblin Woods of Winter (OoS)
OoS Like Like Ring Sprite.png
Like Like Ring
45 1 Become a Like Like Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoA)
OoS Subrosian Ring Sprite.png
Subrosian Ring
46 Become a Subrosian Mt. Cucco (OoS)
OoS First Gen Ring Sprite.png
First Gen Ring
47 4 Become something
OoS Spin Ring Sprite.png
Spin Ring
48 Double Spin Attack Lynna City (OoA)
OoS Bombproof Ring Sprite.png
Bombproof Ring
49 4 No damage from your own Bombs
OoS Energy Ring Sprite.png
Energy Ring
50 4 Beam replaces Spin Attack
OoS Dbl. Edged Ring Sprite.png
Dbl. Edged Ring
51 4 Sword damage but you get hurt
OoS GBA Nature Ring Sprite.png
GBA Nature Ring
52 Life Advanced! Advance Shop (OoS)
OoS Slayer's Ring Sprite.png
Slayer's Ring
53 1000 beasts slain Vasu Jewelers
OoS Rupee Ring Sprite.png
Rupee Ring
54 10,000 Rupees collected Vasu Jewelers
OoS Victory Ring Sprite.png
Victory Ring
55 The Evil King Ganon defeated
OoS Sign Ring Sprite.png
Sign Ring
56 100 signs broken Subrosia (OoS)
OoS 100th Ring Sprite.png
100th Ring
57 100 rings appraised Vasu Jewelers
OoS Whisp Ring Sprite.png
Whisp Ring
58 2 No effect from jinxes
OoS Gasha Ring Sprite.png
Gasha Ring
59 3 Grow great Gasha Trees
OoS Peace Ring Sprite.png
Peace Ring
60 3 No explosion if holding Bomb
OoS Zora Ring Sprite.png
Zora Ring
61 2 Dive without breathing
OoS Fist Ring Sprite.png
Fist Ring
62 2 Punch when not equipped
OoS Whimsical Ring Sprite.png
Whimsical Ring
63 3 Sword damage Up Arrow
Sometimes deadly
Zora Seas (Present) (OoA)
OoS Protection Ring Sprite.png
Protection Ring
64 3 Damage taken is always one Heart


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