"You got a Magic Mushroom! Your nose is tickled by its fragrant scent!"
— In-game info

Magic Mushrooms are items from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are purple fungi that are used to brew Blue Potions. Once Link has obtained the Mask of Scents from the Deku Butler, he can use it to improve his olfactory senses and track down Magic Mushrooms. These mushrooms are generally found in the Southern Swamp, but two can be humorously found in Stock Pot Inn, one in a pair of boxers in the bunk room and another in the restroom where ??? can be found. One can also be found in any of the Hidden Holes with the common layout.

If Link puts a Magic Mushroom in a bottle, it can be brought to the Magic Hags' Potion Shop and given to Kotake, who will in exchange make Blue Potions for Link to purchase. The first time (in each three day cycle) that Link brings her a mushroom she will give him a Blue Potion for free. After this any number of Blue Potions may be purchased, and additional Magic Mushrooms can be traded in for 20 Rupees. The Curiosity Shop will buy Magic Mushrooms for 5 Rupees.


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