"One day, Vaati took a hat I made for the humans--my pride and joy. It granted the wishes of its wearer. He put it on without permission..."

The Magic Cap is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. This cap was created by the Minish elder Ezlo and has the ability to grant the wishes of the one who wears it. Link never has the opportunity to use the Magic Cap in the game. It is worn by Vaati throughout most of the story. Though this is the titular "Minish Cap", many hold that the title refers to Ezlo.


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Upon the completion of the Magic Cap, Ezlo's apprentice, Vaati, whose heart had been corrupted by the evil and greed he saw in the hearts of men, steals the cap and wishes to become a powerful sorcerer. His wish comes true, and he reveals his plans to search for and to find the coveted Light Force in order to become the most powerful entity in the world. He then uses his magic to transform Ezlo into a green cap shaped like a bird.

After the young hero Link recovers the four Elements and restores the Four Sword, he enters Dark Hyrule Castle and defeats all of Vaati's three forms. After Vaati is sealed away, Princess Zelda makes a wish to the Magic Cap that all the evil works of Vaati be undone. After completing this, the Magic Cap is overloaded after coming in contact with the Light Force within Zelda, and it is destroyed. Ezlo is transformed back to his original shape, and he returns to the Minish World shortly thereafter just as the Minish Door closes for another century.

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