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Magic Bee
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Magic Bees are special bees featured in The Crystal Trap.[name reference needed] Located in the Beekeeper's Hut, they belong to Conly and produce Magic Honey for him.[1]

The Magic Bees can either prove to be helpful creatures or deadly foes, depending on the actions that Princess Zelda takes throughout the book. If Zelda visits the beekeeper without bringing him the Fairy Flower Sap, he will become angry and release a swarm of angry Magic Bees at her, which will sting her and send her into the woods where she will eventually fall in a pit and break her ankle. However, by bringing the Fairy Flower Sap to Conly, he will lend her the Magic Honey.[2] However, since Zelda needs to arrive to the Midoro Palace before sunrise, she also asks Conly that he let her borrow the Magic Bees so that they may take her to the palace, to which the beekeeper agrees.[3]

After retrieving the honey, thousands of Magic Bees will cover Zelda's body and begin to lift her off the floor.[4] The Magic Bees will then fly out the door and into the sky, arriving to the Midoro Palace just before the sunrise. After safely landy, Zelda thanks the bees and returns to the room where Link is imprisoned.[5]


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