"Ohhh... To think that I would survive my ordeal and return to this town... And to think that I would ever be able to live in such a beautiful, opulent house... It's like a dream come true!"
— Maggie

Maggie is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


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Captured Hylian Girls

(From left to right) Mila, Aryll, and Maggie imprisoned in the Fortress

Maggie was a poor girl living on Windfall Island. She and her father lived on the outskirts of the island as beggars.

Due to her characteristic long Hylian ears, Maggie was mistaken as Princess Zelda, and she was taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King, a servant monster of Ganondorf's. She was locked up in a cell along with Mila and Aryll, until Link comes to rescue them. However, it is Tetra and her pirate crew that come to deliver the girls back to their respective islands.

During Maggie's imprisonment, she met a Moblin named Moe and fell in love with him. After being saved by Link and Tetra, she is taken back to Windfall Island, where she and her father become very rich by selling the Skull Necklace that was given to Maggie by Moe.

After her rescue, Maggie misses Moe tremendously. When Link visits her in her new home in the Hall of Wealth, she gives him a letter to deliver to the Forsaken Fortress for her. However, as her father hates postmen, he refuses to allow Ilari to deliver Moe's letter, thus leading Link to complete the delivery. Maggie mistakes Moe's desire to eat her as a marriage proposal, and in her extreme joy, she gives Link a Piece of Heart. Maggie then claims that she will travel to find Moe.

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