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Maggie's Letter is an item in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

The Letter is obtained and used during a sidequest available in Windfall Island after rescuing Aryll in Forsaken Fortress. The letter can be obtained after Maggie returns to Windfall Island and becomes rich. She tells Link about Moe the Moblin, who supposedly is in love with her,[2][3] and gives him this letter to be deposited in the postbox.[4] After doing this and waiting until the next day, Link returns to the Auction House and finds Maggie's Father arguing with Ilari, one of the Rito postmen.[5][6] Once the postman leaves, Link goes to the Coffee Shop; in there, he finds Ilari and is requested by him to give Moe's Letter to Maggie (since Ilari himself couldn't).[7][8] Bringing this letter to Maggie will result in Link being rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

Humorously, the message written in Moe's letter suggests that he likes Maggie so much that he wants to eat her, yet the girl misinterprets this as a marriage proposal.[9][10][11]


  • The front of the letter reads "Majū Tou" (Forsaken Fortress) and "Mō Sama He" (To Mr. Moe) in Modern Hylian. The Japanese suffix "-sama" indicates great respect and is closer to "lord" than Mr., confirming Maggie's affection for Moe.
  • The back reads "Magī Yori" (From Maggie).
  • It is unknown how Maggie's Letter was delivered to Moe or how Moe was able to respond, as no Moblins appear in the Forsaken Fortress after Valoo attacks Ganondorf, yet it is only after this that Maggie's Letter can be delivered.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マギーの手紙 (Magī no Tegami) Maggie's Letter
French-speaking countries French Lettre de Maggy Maggy's Letter
Federal Republic of Germany German Dolores' Brief Dolores's Letter
Italian Republic Italian Lettera di Maggy Maggy's Letter
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Carta de Dolores Dolores's Letter



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