Magda is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a gardener whom happens to reside at the Floret Sandbar, nearby the Hila Rao Shrine and is the only resident of the islet.


Magda resides full time at the Floret Sandbar, having presumably got there via a raft left on the island that Link can use to leave the island if he has unlocked no shrines that are near. Here, she admires the flowers she has planted around the Hila Rao Shrine as an offering; however, she is very protective of her flowers and if Link attacks or walks on any at all, she will lecture him and drag him back to the start. Even if Link is sailing by on a raft and shoots a patch of flowers with an arrow that can damage several flowers at once (such as a Fire Arrow or a Bomb Arrow) she will scold him the second he steps on the island. If Link damages the flowers three times, she will hang her body downwards and sway her limp arms back and forth, murmuring about how many times she has told Link not to step on her flowers and questioning why he cannot understand. This is followed by her screaming and running around the island, trampling all her flowers in the process, before falling flat on her face. Getting up, saying she will make Link understand "THE FLOWER'S RAGE!" before glaring at him and leaping at the camera, which darkens as Link is heard screaming. She will then walk away from him as he gets up. After Link suffers Magda's wrath, he will take three hearts of damage, regardless of whether or not Link is wearing any armor and irrelevant of its current level.

When Link completes the shrine, he still must not trample her flowers. If he talks to her after completion, she will say the shrine must be pleased with her flowers.


Magda has long, dark green hair going down the back of her head with green eyebrows, visible blush, blue eyes and wrinkles. She wears a green dress and a white apron with a red, yellow and blue zigzag pattern. She wears brown shoes.

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