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Mad Scrubs are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Ocarina of Time

Navi's Comment:
OoT Navi.png
Mad Scrub
"Mad Scrub

If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass..."

The Mad Scrub is a variation of the common Deku Scrub enemy, and bears foliage resembling the leaf colors associated with autumn. Similarly to the Deku Scrub, it hides in shrubbery where it attacks by shooting Deku Nuts at Link, and quickly dives in when he comes close. They will also try to run away from Link once hit before pausing for a few seconds and continuing to run away. Unlike the Deku Scrub, the Mad Scrub is able to shoot three Deku Nuts in a row. In Ocarina of Time, they appear in the Sacred Forest Meadow while Link is a child, and in the Kokiri Forest when Link is an adult.

Majora's Mask

Tatl's Comment:
MM3D Tatl Artwork.png
Mad Scrub
"That's one Mad Scrub! Even though it's weak, it sure likes to attack!"

In Majora's Mask, they inhabit Deku Flowers in the Deku Palace and Woodfall, which they guard until they are defeated. After Link defeats Odolwa, he can find passive Mad Scrubs in the Deku Shrine. Unlike their Ocarina of Time counterparts, Mad Scrubs are the only type of Deku Scrub fought as a normal enemy; normal Deku Scrubs are not enemies in the game and Business Scrubs will not attack Link before offering him their wares.

Like Deku Scrubs, the Deku Nuts the Mad Scrubs shoot can be reflected back at them with the Shield, which will force them out of hiding. From there on, Link can use the Sword to defeat them. Projectile weapons such as the Bow or Deku Link's Bubble Blast are also effective.

A Mad Scrub is used during Skull Kid's curse and Link being restored back to his original self cutscenes to represent the curse.


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