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Mad Jelly is a Mini-Boss in Majora's Mask.[1] It is part of the mini-boss battle in the Great Bay Temple with Gekko.


Tatl's Comment:
MM3D Tatl Artwork.png
Mad Jelly
"You've run inside a Mad Jelly. Since its body is so soft, normal attacks won't do any good! Figure out another way! (MM)

It's hiding inside a Mad Jelly! Since its body is so soft, normal attacks won't do any good. Find some way to harden that goo! (MM3D)"

Mad Jelly appears in the Great Bay Temple where it is encountered in a Gekko's mini-boss battle. The Gekko will yell, which causes giant droplets of Mad Jelly to fall from the ceiling. It will then hop around the Jelly, sometimes picking it up and throwing it at Link. After the Gekko is hit, it will jump to the ceiling with the Mad Jelly collecting into a single mass, encasing it into a gelatinous bubble. The Gekko and Mad Jelly will then to try to plummet Link from above. Whenever Link is hit by the Jelly, it will trap him in a bubble and allow the Gekko to punch him repeatedly. To avoid this, Link must watch the Jelly's shadow on the ground and roll out of the way. When this is achieved the bubble will bounce back up to the ceiling, where Link can fire an Ice Arrow, freezing the bubble as it crashes to the ground and shatters into giant droplets once again. This gives Link an opportunity to attack the Gekko. The Mad Jelly will melt once the Gekko is defeated.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マッドゼリー (Maddo Zerī) Mad Jelly
French-speaking countries French Déliro-Pudding Frenzied Pudding
Canada FrenchCA Délirogel (MM3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Schizo-Schleim Schizo-Slime
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Jelly Loco Crazy Jelly
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Jelly loco (MM3D) Crazy jelly
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  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 190