"You've run inside a Mad Jelly. Since its body is so soft, normal attacks won't do any good! Figure out another way!"

The Mad Jelly is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This amorphous blob of jelly is used by a Gekko to help it guard the Boss Key in the Great Bay Temple.


When Link enters the room, the Gekko yells and giant droplets of Mad Jelly fall from the ceiling. It then maneuvers around the Jelly, sometimes picking it up and throwing it at Link. When the first successful hit is dealt to the Gekko, it will jump to the ceiling with the jelly balling around it. When this happens, Link must avoid the jelly bubble when it falls, as collision will cause Link to be sucked inside the jelly, allowing the Gekko to punch him repeatedly before throwing him out of the jelly again with a powered-up punch, causing a huge amount of damage.

In order to defeat the Mad Jelly, Link must watch the jelly's shadow on the ground and roll out of the way. When this is achieved the bubble will bounce back up to the ceiling, where Link must quickly freeze it with an Ice Arrow. The jelly will fall and shatter, sending out the giant droplets once again, along with the Gekko, who Link must chase and then strike. This is repeated until the Gekko is defeated, at which time the Mad Jelly will melt and the way to the Boss Key will be accessible.

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