The Mable Ridge is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located at the foot of Dueling Peaks North in the north part of the West Necluda region south of Sahasra Slope and southwest of both Lake Siela and Kakariko Village.

Enemy Camp

A Bokoblin Campsite can be found in the forest at the foot of Dueling Peaks northern side. There is a Seared Steak roasting on a spit above a Campfire. Barrels and Bomb Barrels can be found in the camp which Bokoblin may throw at Link if unarmed with no weapons available. Near to skull Torches are some wooden and metallic crates the latter of which Link can lift with the Magnesis Rune to use as makeshift weapons or break by dropping them. Several Bokoblin made clubs can be found lying on a log in the camp though Bokoblin will pick them up if they notice Link. Two of the clubs will eventually be replaced by Dragonbone Boko Clubs as Bokoblin in the camp are replaced by stronger variants as Link defeats more and more enemies. Eventually a Silver Bokoblin and two Blue Bokoblins though the camp's archer will remain a Red Bokoblin.

Cabin Ruins

South of the camp are the ruins of an old cabin which was presumably destroyed by the Bokoblins or Guardian Stalker stationed on the ridge. A Cooking Pot is located next to the ruined cabin and a Barrel and wooden crate can be found in the cabin ruins. An Apple tree grows northwest of the cooking pot. Southeast of the ruined cabin are two monk-like Guardian Deity Statues with offering plates. If Link drops an Apple in the empty offering plate a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed. Cool Safflina grows around the statues. As the area is abandoned Link can rest by the Cooking Pots campfire and cook here. If it rains Link can build a campfire under one of the large trees or under the alcove that shelters the Guardian Deity Statues to pass the time until the weather clears up.

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