Unofficial Name

"I wasn't kidding when I said pay! Now you'll pay the ultimate price!"
— Mabe Village Shopkeeper

The Mabe Village Shopkeeper is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. As his title implies, he owns and operates the Mabe Village Shop in Mabe Village. While seemingly a normal shopkeeper, he does not tolerate anyone stealing from him, and will use very extreme ways to punish said thief.


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The Mabe Village Shop sells many useful items, including the Shovel and Bow. Link can pay for these items at the counter, but also has the option of stealing them. If he attempts to grab the items and run out the door, the Mabe Village Shopkeeper will yell at him and force him to put it back. However, if Link repeatedly circles around the shopkeeper, making him look in another direction, Link can successfully exit the shop without paying a single Rupee.

However, if Link returns to the Mabe Village Shop after stealing an item, the Shopkeeper will blast him with magical energy while the boss music plays, killing Link and causing a Game Over. When this has occurred, Link is free to enter the store again. Subsequent to stealing from the shop, all characters will refer to Link as "THIEF" for the remainder of the game, including Marin and the Wind Fish. The Photographer captures a picture of Link sneaking out of the shop. Two signs in Japanese can be seen on the wall, the left reading "Shoplifter check," the right reading "Shoplifters are photographed."

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