Lynna City Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is located in Lynna City in the Present, directly south of Vasu Jewelers. The shop sells shields, hearts and, after Link has presented the Mystery Seeds to Queen Ambi, bombs. If Link attempts to leave the shop while holding an item, the shopkeeper will rush up to him and lecture him, requiring him to return the item before leaving.

Coming ashore after clearing the Moonlit Grotto, but before going up Nuun Highlands, Lynna City Shop will have a Strange Flute for sale for 150 Rupees. If purchased, this flute will be identified as Dimitri's Flute by Dimitri while Link is traveling in the Nuun Highlands. If Link chooses not to purchase the Strange Flute, it is removed from the shop after he enters the Nuun Highlands.

Secret Shop

Lynna Shop Area (Past & Present)

The highlighted square indicates the correct place to play the Tune of Current or Ages in the past to access the secret shop

A secret shop can be found in the same building; however, it can only be reached by playing the "Tune of Currents" or the "Tune of Ages" just above the westernmost tree, as depicted in the screenshot to the right. Interestingly, this means that the "sleeping" time portal at that spot in the present is completely useless, as a residual time portal must be made on that spot in order to ever get to that spot, rendering the initial portal obsolete. In the secret shop, Link can buy a Piece of Heart, a larger Ring Box, and a Gasha Seed. After every item has been purchased, the shop turns into a gambling game, where Link can win Seed Rings.

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