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Lynel Safari
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Quest Giver Laflat
Location Zora's Domain
Reward Zora Greaves
Previous Quest
"Locked Mementos"
"Reach Zora's Domain

"Lynel Safari" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Link can obtain the Side Quest by speaking to Laflat at the eastern bridge in Zora's Domain after obtaining the Camera Rune and agreeing to appease Divine Beast Vah Ruta with Sidon. Laflat will explain to Link that she overheard Sidon exclaiming that he and Link were going to stop its flow of water.[1] To capitalize on Link's venture up Ploymus Mountain, Laflat asks Link to capture a Picture of the red-maned Lynel who is notorious for shooting Shock Arrows and threatening the citizens of Zora's Domain.[2] Laflat further explains that she requires a Picture in order to scare off any would-be divers that are seeking to dive from Shatterback Point after being goaded by Gruve.[3] If Link agrees, the Quest begins.

In order to fulfill Laflat's request, Link must capture a Picture of any red-maned Lynel. As the nearest Lynel to Zora's Domain is the one atop Ploymus Mountain, Laflat directs Link there.[4] Once Link has taken a suitable Picture, he can return to Laflat and show it to her.[5][6] Upon seeing it, she will exclaim in fright before excusing herself.[7] She then thanks Link for providing a suitably scary Picture and offers him Zora Greaves in return.[8] With this, the Quest is marked as completed.


Stage Description
1 Laflat asked that you show her a picture of a red-maned Lynel if you see one. The nearest one she knows of is on Ploymus Mountain.

Use whatever means you have at your disposal to give her a look.
Complete You showed Laflat a picture of a red-maned Lynel.

She gave you her Zora greaves as a reward.


  1. "Hello. You are Link...right? [Why do you ask?] Prince Sidon ran off through the eastern gate. He was shouting something like... "I'm off to stop the Divine Beast! Link the Hylian is coming with me!" I assume that means you're going up Ploymus Mountain in search of shock arrows?" — Laflat (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "[Yes.] If so, I have a request that is...somewhat related. There's a red-maned monster called a Lynel that lives on Ploymus Mountain. I REALLY need a picture of a Lynel. It can be a picture of any red-maned Lynel. Not just the one on the mountain. So what do you say? Can you get me a picture of a Lynel?" — Laflat (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "[Understood!] I am glad that was settled so quickly. See, there's this fool in the domain who goads people into jumping off of Shatterback Point on Ploymus Mountain. It's an incredibly dangerous jump, and this guy pressures people into jumping off by questioning their courage. He's a real bottom-feeder. If this keeps up, someone is surely going to wind up horribly injured! I need a picture of a Lynel to show everyone how scary they are. That way, maybe people will stop going up there. Does that answer your question, Link? I'll leave the details to you. Just bring me a picture of a Lynel so I can describe them in terrible detail. Thank you!" — Laflat (Breath of the Wild)
  4. "Laflat asked that you show her a picture of a red-maned Lynel if you see one. The nearest one she knows of is on Ploymus Mountain.

    Use whatever means you have at your disposal to give her a look.
    " — Lynel Safari (Breath of the Wild)
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  8. "Thank you! I'll tell the children of the domain about this. Maybe that will scare them away from the mountain. Oh, right! Now for your reward..." — Laflat (Breath of the Wild)