Luv is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She is the wife of Bertie, and the mother of an infant child, and they live together in a house in eastern Skyloft. She runs the Potion Shop at the Bazaar, where she sells self-concocted potions. Bertie's side business allows Link to enhance potions bought from Luv. She leaves it to Bertie to take care of their baby.


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When Link first visits Luv's Potion Shop, Luv finds out that he does not have a bottle in which to keep her potions. However, as she has taken a liking to him, she gives him a bottle, free of charge. Later, while Bertie is having trouble with their baby due to a missing Rattle, she spends her time asleep, not aware of the situation taking place.

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As many residents of Skyloft seem to be named after birds, it is possible that Luv, when combined with her husband Bertie, are named after the lovebird. It is also possible that the name "Luv", when taken into consideration her vocation as a potion-maker, is a reference to love potions.

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