The Lumpy Pumpkin is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Found at Pumpkin Landing, it is a pub owned by Pumm. Kina, who is Pumm's daughter, works there as a waitress and occasional singer. Link can buy Pumpkin Soup there for ten Rupees.


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The Lumpy Pumpkin is famed for its decorative chandelier, adorned with Rupees and a Piece of Heart. Found throughout the establishments are notes warning patrons to be careful not to knock down the chandelier. If Link rolls into the second floor railing two times in rapid succession, the chandelier will come crashing down on the table, utterly destroying it and frightening the customers. Link is then able to take the items that dislodged from it, but is forced to pay off his debt to Pumm by performing various tasks for him.

Firstly, Link must carry some Pumpkin Soup from the Pumpkin Landing to Eagus in under five minutes, before it cools. Later, Link is asked to help Kina carry pumpkins; he must carry five at once to a small storage area. Finally, Link must perform a duet with Kina on his Goddess's Harp for the customers of the Lumpy Pumpkin; after completing these tasks, not only is Link's debt considered absolved, but Link is rewarded with yet another Piece of Heart for his troubles.

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