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Lumberjack's Riddles
Game A Link to the Past & Four Swords
Requirements Bug Catching Net
10 Medals of Courage
Rewards Hurricane Spin
Carver's Statues

The Lumberjack's Riddles are a Side Quest in A Link to the Past & Four Swords.[1]


The Lumberjack's Riddles can only be started if Link has gathered at least 10 Medals of Courage in Four Swords on the same game file.

To begin the quest, Link must first talk to Q. Bumpkin inside the Lumberjack's house, located north of the Death Mountain entrance.[2] He will give Link the Basket and a riddle, and send him off to catch the creature or item with the Bug Catching Net that solves it.[3] After solving all 10 riddles, Link will receive the Hurricane Spin.[4] He will also receive three Carver's Statues after solving the first, fourth, and seventh riddles.[5]


Riddle Answer Location
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Chicken.gif
Kakariko Village
The scissors by the water... ALttP Sand Crab Sprite.png
Sand Crab
Near the Waterfall of Wishing.
It's shiny and red. ALttP Red Rupee Sprite.png
Red Rupee
Great Swamp. After draining the water, Link must grab the fish and then throw it into deep water to receive a Red Rupee as a reward.
It's moist and fresh... Fish.gif
Great Swamp. After draining the water, Link must catch the fish.
BOOOM! Skitter-scatter... Octoballoonspawn.png
Southeastern corner of Hyrule. Link must wait until the Octoballoon explodes so he can catch its remains.
Sprinkle and watch it wobble... ALttP Slime Sprite.png
Link must sprinkle Magic Powder onto an enemy to turn it into a Slime.
It munches on nuts... ALttP Squirrel.gif
Lost Woods, where the Master Sword is located.
Pull it out, but...too bad! ALttP Fake Master Sword.png
Fake Master Sword
Lost Woods
It's red and sweet... ALttP Apple Sprite.png
Tree south of Death Mountain's entrance. Link must dash onto it with the Pegasus Boots.
A spectacled wanderer... ALttP Cukeman Brown Sprite.png
Link must sprinkle Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob.


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