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Lulu's Mother
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Toto mentioning Lulu's Mother
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Lulu (daughter)

Lulu's Mother, who was also named Lulu, is a character mentioned in Majora's Mask.[name reference needed]


Lulu's Mother was the original lead singer of The Indigo-Go's and mother of the current lead singer, Lulu.[1]

Years ago, along with the members of the previous generation of The Indigo-Go's, this Lulu made the song "Ballad of the Wind Fish" famous.[2] It was, in fact, listening to her sing at the Carnival of Time that inspired Gorman to enter show business, in the hopes that he might someday meet her.[3]

When her daughter was a child, she would often sing the "New Wave Bossa Nova" to her. The Lulu of the current generation explains that she had forgotten that song from her childhood, and that her Eggs were laid to remind her of it.[4] If, as Tijo speculates, Lulu is the descendant of the Zora protectors of the Great Bay Temple,[5] then it is possible that it was through her Mother that this bloodline was carried. This would explain why Lulu sang the "New Wave Bossa Nova", which awakens the Giant Turtle and opens the way to the Great Bay Temple, to her daughter.


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