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Lukan is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Lukan is Gerudo who can be found traveling throughout the Gerudo Region. She can be found in places like Gerudo Town, Kara Kara Bazaar and the Gerudo Canyon Stable. When Link first meets Lukan, she comments that he does not look like an average traveler.[1] Lukan tells Link that she is a Gerudo Town soldier disguising as a merchant.[2] Asking Link if he has heard of the Yiga Clan, Lukan explains that they have been causing trouble in Gerudo Town and that some of them disguise as travelers to ambush people.[3][4] Lukan explains that she is disguised as a merchant to catch a Yiga Clan member attacking her,[5] speculating that they would attack her if they were bold enough to strike at Gerudo Town.[6]

If Link speaks to Lukan at the Gerudo Canyon Stable, she says that the Yiga Clan is bound to attack if anyone at the Stable lets their guard down.[7] Lukan is carefully watching for suspicious people who may be Yiga.[8][9] Lukan can sometimes be found sitting inside the Stable, telling Link that the Stable is not really a nice place to relax because of the Yiga Clan.[10]

If Link talks to Lukan while in the Gerudo Desert sands, she warns him not to go near the Divine Beast Vah Naboris or he will be fried to a crisp by its lightning.[11][12] She then says that the Gerudo people know better than to go near the Divine Beast.[13] Lukan also says that she heard the Gerudo chief might be doing something about Naboris, but that it is still smart to stay away until then.[14] Lukan also warns Link about the sandstorms in the Gerudo Desert and to avoid them if he values his life.[15][16] Lukan tells Link that Naboris has caused many problems.[17] Lukan continues to say that everyone avoids the Divine Beast and that Link should get somewhere safe like the Kara Kara Bazaar before its lightning strikes him.[18][19] If Link speaks to Lukan again, she is surprised that he is still there and tells Link not to blame her if he is struck by the Divine Beast's lightning.[20][21]

If Link speaks to Lukan at the Kara Kara Bazaar or Gerudo Town, she says that she has been watching and that there is no one suspicious there.[22] At Gerudo Town, she also tells Link that the Gerudo soldiers have been working to root out all surviving Yiga Clan members.[23]


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