"Well, to the east there's... Ludfo's Bog. Funny story, actually. There used to be a constant cover of dark storm clouds that had been there long before even my aunt was born. But then they suddenly all vanished! Praise Hylia! I'm even thinking of the horses there on a field trip soon."

Ludfo's Bog is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Hyrule Ridge region of Hyrule, west of Ridgeland Tower and northeast of the Seres Scablands. Thundra Plateau sits in the northwest part of the bog. Despite its name, Ludfo's Bog does not contain any Bottomless Bog. Like the Seres Scrablands, the bog contains several stone-like trees of various sizes native to the surrounding area of Hyrule Ridge. The smaller ones can be cut down for wood. It is located east of Tabantha Bridge Stable, and Banji will tell Link about it and Thundra Plateau if he asks her "About the east."

Ancient Thunderstorm

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Thundra Plateau is known locally for its continuous thunderstorm which have been raging in the bog in and around Thundra Plateau since ancient times. The storm has apparently kept the local Hylian population away with only the ever resilient Koroks daring to go there. During the "Trial of Thunder", Link learns the storm is part of a Shrine Quest trial given by the Sheikah Monk Toh Yahsa. Upon completing the quest and the Toh Yahsa Shrine the storm ends and the dark storm clouds that produced it disappeared. Banji of Tabantha Bridge Stable makes note of the storm clouds disappearance, though considers it a blessing and even praises Hylia unaware that the storm itself was part of a test by Hylia's devote Sheikah followers to test the Hero Chosen by the Master Sword indicating Hylia and/or the monk caused the storm much like the ancient storm of Calora Lake that plays a key role in revealing the hidden Qukah Nata Shrine during "A Song of Storms". Banji even plans to take the horses on a field trip out to the bog as a result of the sudden change in weather indicating the end of the storm will likely start to attract local Hylians to visit the bog and Thundra Plateau to enjoy the change in weather and/or explore Thundra Plateau's ruins as the completed Shrine is inaccessible to all save for the chosen hero and Toh Yahsa.

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