"Link. Trying to go near the mines is very dangerous. I will be very sad to be separated from Colin and the others...but I know they must go. Please return them safely to their parents."
— Luda

Luda is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She lives in Kakariko Village with her father, the shaman Renado. She, her father, and Barnes are the only surviving residents of the village following the Twilight invasion.


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Luda appears to be around the same age as Beth. When the children of Ordon Village arrive at Kakariko after their escape from King Bulblin's forces, she seems glad to have company in the desolate village. She, like her father and Barnes, are first encountered as spirits. She stops Barnes from lighting the candles to open the door to the basement, commenting that earlier she saw insect-like beasts while she was securing the basement. After Link restores light to the Eldin Province, Luda insists that Link return the children of Ordon to their parents, despite her sadness at be separated from them. When King Bulblin recaptures Colin, Luda can be seen clutching her father and trembling in fear.

It is hinted that Luda is romantically interested in Colin because both she and Beth argue over who will care for him, and she refused to leave his side after Link rescued him from King Bulblin. Luda also helps take care of Prince Ralis when he is transported to Kakariko Village, due to his illness. Like Colin, Luda is worried about the Zora boy's depression following his recovery.

She is saddened when the children leave to return to Ordon Village, and says that it will be a lot more lonely without them, especially since Ralis left to be with his people.

Interestingly, on Luda's back, there is an eye-tear symbol that is very similar to the Sheikah Emblem.

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