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The Lucky Lobby Ball is an object in Tri Force Heroes. It is used to relieve boredom while waiting for other Links to join.[1]

Location and Uses[]

The Lucky Lobby Ball can be found in any of the Hytopia Castle's Multiplayer lobbies by dashing into a wall by holding the L or R buttons.[2] This occasionally causes the Lucky Lobby Ball to drop to the ground from the ceiling; the chances of the Ball appearing are increased while waiting for other Links to join the game. Link may then hit the Ball with his Sword, causing a Mini-Game of sorts to commence.[3] A random song from The Legend of Zelda series plays while Link attempts to keep the Ball in the air using his Sword, which requires timing and quick reflexes.[4] The longer Link keeps the Ball in the air, the faster the music plays, which also causes the Ball to fall more quickly. If allowed to touch the ground, the Ball bursts and the music stops, forcing the game to end. As the Ball bursts, a number appears, showing the total number of hits. Depending on this score, a number of Rupees may also appear, usually equal to one tenth of the number of hits, rounded up. Rupees may occasionally also appear when the Ball first drops from the ceiling.

Multiple Links may also join the game, although only one Lucky Lobby Ball can appear at a time. If a Link wearing the Timeless Tunic strikes the Lucky Lobby Ball, an 8-bit version of the song will be heard by all Links present. The song will return to its normal version when a different Link hits the Ball. If a Link touches the Lucky Lobby Ball while wearing the Cacto Clothes, the Ball will burst instantly.

There are 23 songs in total than can be played by the Lucky Lobby Ball.[5]



  • Only five songs appear in the demo version of the game. These are the The Legend of Zelda main theme, the Dark World theme, the Lon Lon Ranch theme, the Clock Town theme, and the Lorule Castle theme.[5]


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