The Loyal Sage is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He makes residence in the Sanctuary in northern Hyrule, and is completely loyal to the Royal Family.


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When Link rescues Princess Zelda from the dungeon of Hyrule Castle, he escorts her through the Secret Passage leading to the Sanctuary. Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, the Loyal Sage greets the two, and tells Link of Agahnim's evil intentions. With this knowledge, and with Zelda under the Loyal Sage's protection, Link sets off in search of the means to thwart Agahnim.

Later in the game, Princess Zelda contacts Link telepathically, alerting him to trouble at the Sanctuary. Link returns to find the Princess gone and the Loyal Sage mortally wounded. The Sage tells Link that Agahnim's followers had kidnapped Zelda and taken her back to Hyrule Castle to complete Agahnim's ritual of resurrecting Ganon. The Sage dies, and Link sets out once more to put an end to Agahnim once and for all.

The Loyal Sage is seen one last time during the end credits. Here, he is shown with perfect health in the restored Sanctuary.

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