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Love Letter
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Completing "Special Delivery"

Love Letters are Objects in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

The Love Letter was written by Finley. She can be found with it on the Bank of Wishes, where she asks it to carry her thoughts.[2] When she finds out Link is a traveler,[3] Finley requests that he follow the Letter to see who picks it up.[4][1] Once this is done, she wants him to return to her and tell her about the person.[5] Agreeing to do so begins the Side Quest "Special Delivery".

Finley asks Link if she's ready before she throws the Love Letter.[6] If he's ready, she warns Link that the container that contains the Letter breaks easily,[7] before she casts it down the Zora River.

As the Love Letter drifts down Zora River, Link must break obstacles that have appeared in its path. It can also get stuck, at which point he must correct its course. If the container is broken or Link loses sight of it,[8] he can return to Finley. Having predicted this, she made a copy of her Letter.[9]

Eventually, the Love Letter will arrive at the camp of Sasan. He was previously traveling to Zora's Domain, but he stopped when he noticed the Letter.[10] He reveals that he's been corresponding with Finley by giving his replies to travelers heading to Zora's Domain.[11] At Link's encouragement, Sasan decides to go to Zora's Domain, where the Letter says Finley is waiting.[12] Once Sasan leaves, the Love Letter disappears with him.


  • The Hylian on the Love Letter translates to "Dear Someone."


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