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Lorule Soldier
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Lorule Soldiers are enemies that appear in A Link Between Worlds.[1] They are the Lorulean counterpart to the Soldiers found dutifully protecting Hyrule Castle prior to Yuga sealing it in his dark Barrier. They appear in several different varieties. The soldiers found in the Dark Ruins act as sentries which must be avoided, whereas the soldiers in Lorule Castle act as regular enemies.


The Lorule Soldiers come in several distinct varieties, ranging by where they are encountered and the kind of weapon they carry.

In the Dark Ruins area, Lorule Soldiers that once stood guard in Lorule Castle but surrendered and deserted their posts. They have become followers of the Gemesaur King, as a result of Princess Hilda's inability to protect them.[2] They guard the maze in the Dark Ruins that leads to the Dark Palace and wear masks of varying colors and patterns that emit red beams in search for intruders, similar to the beams emitted by the Deku Scrub guards in the Deku Palace in Majora's Mask.

When Link approaches the first Lorule Soldier he encounters, the Lorule Soldier orders the capture of any intruder,[3] preventing the hero from directly reaching the Dark Palace. Though most Lorule Soldiers are mobile and will pace back and forth, there are also stationary Soldiers who will stare in one direction. In order to bypass them, Link must Wall Merge beyond their line of sight until he is a safe distance away from them. If Link is seen by the Lorule Soldiers, he will be imprisoned in one of the holding cells in the area. Link can escape by Wall Merging through the bars. These Lorule Soldiers cannot be defeated by any means and must be avoided entirely. After defeating the Gemesaur King, the Lorule Soldiers disappear from the Dark Ruins.

In Lorule Castle, Lorule Soldiers appear as regular enemies that guard and patrol the castle. Unlike the soldiers in the Dark Ruins, Link can defeat these soldiers. The soldiers behave identically to the enemy Soldiers in Hyrule as they carry spears and swords, and will charge after Link once he is spotted. A much stronger variant that wields a fiery ball and chain, the Lorule Ball and Chain Soldiers, are encountered in certain castle rooms, and must be defeated in order to proceed. Their ball and chains create a ring of fire that surrounds them and covers a wide area. Curiously the Soldiers seem more intent on attacking Link then helping Hilda, implying their loyalty is to Yuga.



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