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Lorule Lake
Main appearance(s)
Mama Turtle & her children
Bee (on the shores)
Dacto (on the shores)
Golden Bee (on the shores)
Karat Crab (on the shores)
Slarok (on the shores)
Stal (on the shores)
Zirro (on the shores)
Related place(s)

Lorule Lake is a location in A Link Between Worlds.[citation needed]

Features and Overview

Lorule Lake is a lake located in the southeastern region of Lorule, counterpart of Lake Hylia in Hyrule and Ice Lake in the Dark World. It has shores to the west, south, and east, and a partial shore to the north. The rest of its northern border contains rocky walls and a river that flows north and west and forms a waterfall that dumps into a chasm.

Upon exploring Lorule Lake, Link finds the Lakeside Item Seller in his shop on the northwestern shore, a bombable Fairy cave on the eastern shore, and Turtle Rock, which was built to contain fiery volcanic activity, in the middle of the lake.[1] He also finds Mama Turtle whose three children have been separated from her, one upside down on the western shore, one being harassed by Ku's in a shallow part of the lake, and one stuck to a ledge wall on the northern border of the lake.

Fissures that link the two worlds located around Lorule Lake are found on its eastern & western shores and on a ledge wall by the river flowing north & west out of the lake.

Five lost Maiamais can also be found in the lake and its surrounding shores along with several green, blue, and red Rupees floating on top of the lake and resting on its floor.


  1. "Not far from here is a maze built to contain the power of fire. You must find a way to control the flames." — Princess Hilda (A Link Between Worlds)