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Lord Kiro is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1]


Lord Kiro had accompanied King Harkinian on his quest in Gamelon to aid Duke Onkled, whose island was seized by Ganon. At some point they had encountered Ganon and were both captured. Lord Kiro tried to stop Ganon, but failed and was put in chains by Ganon's minion Hektan.[2] He was then imprisoned in Duke Onkled's castle, Dodomai Palace. After Zelda defeats Hektan and rescues Lord Kiro from his cell, he reveals to her that Duke Onkled is corrupt and had betrayed the King.[3] He tells her to strike the portrait in the Palace library to enter Onkled's locked chamber, and gives her the Key to the library. When they find him there, Onkled begs them not to hurt him and reveals the entrance to Reesong Palace, where Ganon is hiding. Lord Kiro then apprehends him.

After Zelda defeats Ganon and rescues her father, Lord Kiro points out Onkled as the traitor to the King. He then takes him away after he is given his punishment.


  • Ganon refers to Lord Kiro as "the runt," suggesting that he is a short man.[2]


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