Lord Bullbo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Being King Bulblin's boar mount, even for a Bullbo, Lord Bullbo is extremely large, and is covered in thick armor that protects its head and neck. Unlike any other Bullbo seen, Lord Bullbo has the ability to perform small jumps, which is used to clear small obstacles such as small walls and wooden stakes, in a manner similar to Epona.


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Lord Bullbo is first seen carrying King Bulblin when Bulblins appear and kidnap Ilia and Colin near the Ordon Spring. It is fought for the first time in a jousting match of sorts on the Bridge of Eldin. Link cannot leave during this match, as a Bulblin archer has set a fire to wooden stakes set at the ends of the bridge before the fight and therefore cut off his escape. Link, riding Epona, has to avoid attacking the two head on or they will knock him off the bridge. Link must instead attack it from the side, which eventually causes King Bulblin to fall off Lord Bullbo into the great chasm.

Despite having fallen, the two confront Link once more, this time at the Great Bridge of Hylia. This time, King Bulblin wields a pair of shields that protect him from Link's sword, so he must instead shoot him in the face with an arrow, eventually resulting in King Bulblin falling off the bridge. After King Bulblin's final defeat in a duel at Hyrule Castle, he rides away on Lord Bullbo, after giving Link a Small Key. In the end credits sequence, Lord Bullbo is seen carrying King Bulblin across Hyrule Field with a Bulblin escort.

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Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Lord Bullbo is ridden by King Bulblin in the Bridge of Eldin stage. He and King Bulblin also appear on a sticker. Their sticker grants a +19 bonus to leg attacks.

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