Loone is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Hylian and Ancient Sheikah technology enthusiast who can be found living on Puffer Beach in the Faron Sea region. She offers Link the Shrine quest "Guardian Slideshow" after he acquires the Camera Rune.

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Befitting her name, Loone's sanity is somewhat questionable as she has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with ancient Sheikah technology such as Guardians and has acquired an Ancient Sphere she has affectionately named "Roscoe". She treats "Roscoe" in a manner akin to a boyfriend talking to it like a girl madly in love. However her love for it is fickle and she quickly forgets about Roscoe calling it weird sphere after Link shows her pictures of various Guardian types. She also expresses interest in acquiring the Sheikah Slate for its Album containing the Guardian pictures Link took though he refuses as it is vital to his quest.

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