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Lookout Platforms are locations in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed]


In the Great Sea, many Lookout Platforms protrude from the water. They can be found using the Platform Chart, and are inhabited by Bokoblins, Kargarocs and rarely, Wizzrobes.

While they mostly appear on their own, there are occasionally clusters of two or three platforms, which tend to have more valuable treasure. Some Platforms will only yield their treasure when all of their mounted cannons and enemies are destroyed first.

Platforms and their Rewards

Island # of Platforms Reward(s)
Star Island 1 Golden Feather
Seven-Star Isles 3 Treasure Chart #16
Red Rupee
Golden Feather
Pawprint Isle 1 Red Rupee
Western Fairy Island 1 Skull Necklace
Rock Spire Isle 3 Red Rupee
Orange Rupee
Golden Feather
Eastern Fairy Island 1 Boko Baba Seed
Fire Mountain 1 Yellow Rupee
Golden Feather
Star Belt Archipelago 1 Red Rupee
Cyclops Reef 1 Golden Feather
Six-Eye Reef 1 Skull Necklace
Thorned Fairy Island 2 Golden Feather
Boko Baba Seed
Islet of Steel 1 Skull Necklace
Stone Watcher Island 1 Piece of Heart
Red Rupee
Bomb Island 1 Red Rupee
Five-Eye Reef 1 Golden Feather
Southern Fairy Island 3 Skull Necklace
Treasure Chart #40
Cliff Plateau Isles 1 Boko Baba Seed
Horseshoe Island 2 Skull Necklace
Golden Feather
Two-Eye Reef 1 Purple Rupee
Five-Star Isles 1 Golden Feather