The Lokomo Sword (ロコモの剣 Rokomo no Ken?) is a sword from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is given to Link by Anjean after he acquires the Bow of Light. Anjean states that the Lokomo Sword was made and once used by one of the Spirits of Good. Because of this, she thinks it will come in handy in the fight against Malladus. The Lokomo Sword can stun Phantoms for Princess Zelda to possess without being infused with Tears of Light and deals twice as much damage as the Recruit's Sword. Its Spin Attack is light blue, a different color than the one used with the Recruit's Sword.

Interestingly, the Lokomo Sword bears some resemblance to the Master Sword, though there are also significant differences. Its blade is covered in a pattern similar to that of the Spirit Tracks, and the yellow gem of the Master Sword is replaced by a Force Gem-shaped jewel. The "wings" on the hilt are shaped like the new crest of the Royal Family, as well as the ones on the statues that hold the Force Gems of each Realm's Temple and the Bow of Light. The hilt, which is royal blue or purple on the Master Sword, is green on the Lokomo Sword.

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Hyrule Warriors series

Hyrule Warriors Legends Light Sword Lokomo Sword & Mirror Shield (Level 3 Light Sword)

Toon Link wields the Lokomo Sword as his Level 3 weapon in his Light Sword moveset.

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