The "Lokomo Songs", also known individually as the "Songs of Restoration", are songs from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This duet must be played by a Lokomo and Link on the Spirit Flute in order to restore the Spirit Tracks in the various realms of New Hyrule. The "Lokomo Song" must be performed together with every Lokomo (except for Anjean and Byrne) in their respective Sanctuaries in order to access the dungeons and complete the game. In order to successfully play each of the songs, Link must pay attention to the rhythm over the accuracy of the notes, as he is required to only play the notes when he is in the center of the screen.

If Link fails to play his part properly, the Lokomo he is playing the song with will have various comments as to how and why he might be failing, which includes lecturing that it is not the time and place for improvisation, complaining his playing is "scattered", or chastising him on his behavior of playing completely random notes or a different, conflicting song altogether, saying that that is noise, not music.

Near the end of Link's quest, he plays a duet with Princess Zelda to expose a weak spot on Malladus' back during the final battle. During this, all of the other parts of the "Lokomo Song" weave into the duet, creating an entire orchestrational piece of music.

Each Lokomo uses a different instrument for their part: Carben, the flute; Embrose, the timpani; Gage, the cello; Rael, the suona; and Steem, the pipa.


  • The first song restores the Forest Temple's tracks. The song's notes are: Orange Note, Yellow Note, Purple Note.
  • The second song restores the Snow Temple's tracks. The song's notes are: Blue Note, Silver Note, Blue Note, Orange Note.
  • The third song is for the restoration of the Ocean Temple's tracks. The song's notes are: Blue Note, Orange Note, Purple Note.
  • The fourth song grants access to the Fire Temple. The song's notes are: Purple Note, Yellow Note, Purple Note, Yellow Note, Blue Note.
  • The fifth and penultimate song restores the Sand Temple's tracks, and its notes are: Green Note, Silver Note, Blue Note, Silver Note, Blue Note, Green Note.
  • The last song reveals the weak point on Malladus. Its notes are: Orange Note, Purple Note, Yellow Note, Blue Note, Orange Note.
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