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"We k-k-kill her for you, Master!"
— Lizalfos Chieftain in The Dragon of the Caves

Lizalfos Chieftain is a character and enemy that appears in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends. As his name implies, he is a Lizalfos chief and a faithful servant of the Dragon Knight Volga, along with the Dinolfos Chieftain. He is one of the few Lizalfos known to be capable of speech. Additionally, Lizalfos Chieftain is slightly larger than the rest of its brethren.


Hyrule Warriors

Lizalfos Chieftain appears mainly in Cia's Tale along with Dinolfos Chieftain, as Volga's subordinates. In Cia's Tale: The Dragon of the Caves, he supports his master in fighting off Cia, Wizzro, and the Dark Forces. In Cia's Tale: Darkness Falls, he and Dinolfos Chieftain become overwhelmed during the battle with Ganondorf's Forces and are forced to retreat, with both regretfully apologizing to their master for their failure.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Lizalfos Chieftain and Dinolfos Chieftain have a more expanded role in the main story, acting as Volga's loyal subordinates in various story scenarios in which Volga appears such as Armies of Ruin, Land of the Sky, and The Sorceress of the Valley. Lizalfos Chieftain also appears in Linkle's Tale: Power Collide along with the Dinolfos Chieftain and Volga.

Adventure Mode

Outside of the story, Lizalfos Chieftain makes an appearance as an enemy on the Master Wind Waker DLC Adventure Mode map as part of a quiz-based scenario (which require the player to defeat the correct enemy).


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