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Little Sister's Big Request
BotW Little Sister's Big Request.png
Quest Giver Jana
Location South Akkala Stable
Reward Silver Rupee

"Little Sister's Big Request" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Side Quest can be obtained from Jana, a worker at the South Akkala Stable. Initially, Jana is dismissive towards Link and will ask him what he wants.[2] If Link says he is just hanging out, Jana will be suspicious of him but asks that he leaves her alone, as she is thinking about something.[3] During this time, if Link speaks to Jana's little sister, Gleema, she will share that Jana loves Armoranths.[4]

When Link speaks to Jana with at least one Armoranth in his Inventory, she will take notice and ask for it.[5] If Link allows her to take it, Jana states that, since he had her favorite plant, she may be able to get along with him.[6] She asks what Link is doing in Akkala,[7] and if he responds that he is a traveler or an adventurer, she will have a request.[8]

Jana shares that Gleema is a fan of Insects, which she does not understand.[9] She knows that there is a Insect that Gleema wants to see, but she will not tell her what it is.[10] She asks Link to talk with Gleema and see if he can figure out what she wants to see,[11] as it is for Gleema's birthday.[12] This begins the Side Quest.

Gleema will tell Link that she has a secret when he speaks to her, and she asks if he wants to know it.[13] She reveals that Jana hates dragonflies.[14] Once, she saw a picture of a Warm Darner, a Cold Darner, and an Electric Darner in a book,[15] but Jana thought their eyes were creepy and was upset.[16] Gleema is shocked when he remembers that was a secret and believes that Jana will be mad.[17] However, Gleema believes the only reason Jana did not like them was because of the up-close pictures, and she thinks real dragonflies would be cute.[18] When she grows up, Gleema wants to travel the world and meet dragonflies.[19]

Returning to Jana, she is shocked to hear that Gleema wants to see a Warm Darner, a Cold Darner, and an Electric Darner.[20] She realizes that Gleema did not tell her because of how much she dislikes them.[21] Since it is for her birthday, Jana asks Link to bring her the three different dragonflies for Gleema's surprise.[22][note 1]

Warm Darners are common in Hyrule Field and the Akkala Highlands. Cold Darners can be found on Hyrule Ridge and in cold areas, such as the Tabantha Frontier. Finally, Electric Darners are also found on Hyrule Ridge, specifically around Rutile Lake, but they can also be located within the Gerudo Canyon. In addition, Beedle sells certain dragonflies depending on his location.

When Link returns to South Akkala Stable with the dragonflies, Jana will ask for them.[24] However, she is unable to bring herself to take them from Link, and she tells Link to give them to Gleema for her.[25]

At first, Gleema is intrigued to hear that Link has something for her.[26] She is shocked to see the dragonflies and asks if they are really for her.[27] Excitedly, she calls out to Jana and runs to show her the dragonflies.[28] Jana yells at her to stop,[29] before eventually screeching in terror.[30]

After Jana has calmed down,[31] she decides to thank Link for catching the dragonflies.[32] She gives him a Silver Rupee.[33] She explains to Link that while she is okay with other Insects, she can not stand dragonflies.[34] With a sigh, she tells herself to take a deep breath.[35] Once she is done speaking, the Side Quest ends.


Stage Description
1 Jana wants to give her insect-loving little sister, Gleema, a birthday gift. But no matter what how many times Jana asks, Gleema won't tell her what kind of bug she wants.

You should talk to Gleema for the full story.
2 Gleema told you that she loves dragonflies above all other insects, but Jana can't stand the sight of them. You now understand why Gleema can't tell her sister what she wants.

You'll have to tell Jana so the two of you can decide what to do.
3 Despite Jana's severe aversion to dragonflies, she's determined to give her little sister the birthday gift she wants.

Bring Jana one warm darner, one cold darner, and one electric darner.
4 Unsurprisingly, Jana couldn't bring herself to take the dragonflies from you.

Give Gleema the warm darner, cold darner, and electric darner yourself.
5 You gave Gleema the warm darner, cold darner, and electric darner.

In her excitement, she forgot herself and rushed to show Jana. Can Jana's nerves take the strain?
Complete You gave Gleema the warm darn, cold darner, and electric darner.

Jana gave you a reward for all your trouble.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese小さな妹の大きな願い (Chīsana imōto no ōkina negai)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR小妹妹的大願望 (Xiǎo mèimei de dà yuànwàng)
NetherlandsDutchCadeautje voor mijn zusje
GermanyGermanKleine, große Wünsche
ItalyItalianUn regalo per la sorellina
South KoreaKorean작은 동생의 큰 소원 (Jageun dongsaengui keun sowon)
RussiaRussian«Подарок сестренке» («Podarok sestryonke»)
Latin AmericaSpanishLATodo por mi hermanita
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  1. If Link already has all three dragonflies, he will not have to go looking for them.[23]


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