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Little Froxes are Enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Little Froxes have a black body reminiscent of a frog, with a single eye in the center. Like its name would suggest, it appears to be a young, diminuitive form of a Frox.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

Little Froxes can be found in The Depths in small packs roaming around. When disturbed, they will make a shout to alert the rest of their pack, and then engage Link. They attack by jumping on him, uniquely being one of the few creatures in the Depths (alongside Flux Constructs and their bigger relatives) that is not afflicted by Gloom.

Little Froxes are attracted to Brightbloom Seeds and will eat them, though this will make them vulnerable to Link's attacks since they are distracted eating them.


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