This page is a list of the eight spells Link can receive in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

All spells last one screen per casting.

  1. Fairy Spell
    When cast, this spell turns Link into a fairy, complete with the power of flight. It is mainly used to bypass certain cliffs and heights the Jump spell can't remedy.
  2. Fire Spell
    This spell causes Link's sword to throw balls of fire when cast. The fireballs resembles those of an Acheman.
  3. Jump Spell
    Link's jumping height is doubled when this spell is activated.
  4. Life Spell
    Some of Link's life is restored. This spell seems exceptionally useful to most players.
  5. Reflect Spell
    The Reflect Spell is used to return certain ranged attacks. It is heavily used throughout the Maze Island Palace and required against the boss Carock.
  6. Shield Spell
    All damage Link receives will be cut in half. This spell costs the least amount of magic power.
  7. Spell Spell
    This spell is an enigmatic spell primarily used to turn certain enemies to bots.
  8. Thunder Spell
    This spell costs the most amount of magic power. It does, however, automatically cause damage equal to a sword strike when it is at level 8, which is the maximum. This spell is also used to defeat Thunderbird.
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