This page is a list of items in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Item Description Obtained
Magical Sword Damages enemies Starting item
Magical Shield Defends against enemy attacks Starting item
Candle Allows Link to see in dark caverns Parapa Palace
1-up Doll Gives Link an Extra Life Scattered throughout Hyrule
Bagu's Note Gives Link access to the bridge leading to Death Mountain from the Water Town of Saria N of River
Hammer Destroys roadblocks and chops down trees Death Mountain
Handy Glove Enables Link to break certain stones with his sword Midoro Palace
Raft Used to sail between the Western and Eastern sections of the Overworld Island Palace
Water Used to gain access to a house where Link can learn the Fire Spell from a Wise Man Town of Nabooru
Kidnapped Child Used to obtain the Reflect Spell Maze Island
Boots Allows Link to walk over certain bodies of water in the Overworld Maze Island Palace
Flute Used to destroy a monster and to reveal a previously hidden area in the Overworld Ocean Palace
Cross Allows Link to see certain invisible enemies Hidden Palace
Magical Key Can unlock any door Hidden Town of Kasuto
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