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Linkle's House is a location that appears in Linkle's Tale in Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is located in Linkle's Village and was where Linkle grew up with her Grandmother. It is briefly seen in the opening cutscene of Linkle's Tale.

Points of Interest


Hyrule Warriors Legends Locations Linkle's House - Interior (Artwork)

Artwork of the interior of Linkle's House

The Interior of Linkle's contains Linkle's bed and a dresser where she keeps her Compass and Green Tunic.


Hyrule Warriors Legends Artwork Linkle & her Cucco (Artbook Portrait)

Linkle & her Cuccos outside her house

The exterior part of the house is surrounded by Pots. Linkle's Cucco pen is located on one end of the House.

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