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Linkle is a playable Warrior in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[1] She can be transferred over to Hyrule Warriors as well. She wields dual Crossbows as her weapon and uses them alongside quick kicks to attack enemies. Her story is described as a side story separate from the rest of the game's plot.[2]


Linkle is a young woman who lives in a small village in Hyrule where she takes care of Cuccos as a shepherd.[3] Since she was little, she believes herself to be the reincarnated hero.[4] She believes that the symbol that proves it is the Compass given to her by her grandmother, which has been passed down for generations.[5] After hearing that Hyrule Castle is under attack by a demon, she sets out on a journey to save the kingdom, donning a green outfit.[6] Linkle has a habit of getting lost easily and is bad at directions, despite owning a compass and a map. While setting out on her quest, she fails to notice a sign at a forked road pointing to the direction of Hyrule Castle, and takes the opposite path instead. During her victory cutscene, she continues to miss signs pointing to the castle's direction.

She enters a mysterious forest, only to become lost and suddenly have her Compass stolen by Skull Kid, forcing her to retrieve it from him.[7] Twili Midna accompanies her on her travels at some point.[8] Linkle does eventually reach Hyrule Castle, and saves many lives fending off a wave of monsters who sought to avenge Ganon's defeat.


During the development of Hyrule Warriors, Linkle was originally designed as a female version of Link.[9] She was also proposed to be Link's little sister, but the idea was scrapped due to Eiji Aonuma not wanting her to conflict with Aryll, Link's sister in The Wind Waker.[10] Sketches of her were included in the Hyrule Warriors art book from the Japanese limited editions of the game. Thanks to this, Linkle grew in popularity among fans, convincing the developers to include her in the game.[11] She was announced for Hyrule Warriors Legends during the Nintendo Direct web stream on November 12, 2015, where she was revealed with a slightly different design and two Crossbows, as opposed to the one shown in her early concept sketches.[12]

At one point in development, a portion of Linkle's Tale featuring Tingle was cut due to time constraints and because the developers were concerned that the humorous nature of the scenario would clash with Linkle's heroic attributes. In this part of the story, Linkle would have wandered into the Temple of Souls and find Ghirahim performing his signature dance in order to curse Link for unknown reasons, at which point Darunia and Lana would appear to do a dance-off against Ghirahim in order to stop him. Linkle would eventually stop the crazy dancing, but discover that it is not Link who she saved, but Tingle. Linkle then would be seen waking up, revealing that this was just a dream, and continue on her quest.[13]


  • Prior to her announcement, her Crossbow was hidden among the game's artwork, hinting at her inclusion.[14]
  • Like Link in Link's Crossbow Training, Linkle's Crossbows glow when certain moves are performed, glowing red when charging a Bomb Arrow and glowing green when rapid-firing.
  • Eiji Aonuma stated that due to her popularity, he is going to keep in mind the possibility of including her in a future Zelda game.[15]
  • Linkle was the last character that former Nintendo writer, Chris Pranger, wrote for before leaving Nintendo. He said that she is his favorite Nintendo character to have written for.[16]
  • Her Compass is available as a clock in the Japanese and European limited editions of Hyrule Warriors Legends.
  • Prior to her creation, a female depiction of Link was used for Captain Shonen Magazine in 1986 when The Legend of Zelda was first released.[17]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseリンクル (Rinkuru)
RussiaRussianЛинкл (Linkl)[19]
Latin AmericaSpanishLALinkel[20]
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Video Gallery[]

Crossbows gameplay
Link's Awakening Trailer - Linkle's Boots


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