"The pig you caught for us has really grown up since the last time you saw him, hasn't he? You'd better believe it!"

Link the Pig is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is a large pig found on Outset Island. The pig's name is the same as the name selected by the player for Link in a save file.

The color of the pig will be different depending on which pigs were brought to Rose when the pigs are small. Regardless of how many were caught, if the black one is caught then Link will be a black pig, if he isn't caught then the pig will be spotless. The only way to get a fully grown spotted pig is to only bring that particular pig to the stable. If Link the Pig is attacked to a certain extent, he will attack Link until he is led into water, until Link dies, or Link leaves the area. This is common for pigs; however, due to his incredible size, he deals three full hearts of damage with each hit, as opposed to the one heart of damage that normal pigs deal. This is the most damage that is dealt to Link in the game.


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Before the Helmaroc King kidnaps Aryll, Link finds Abe, an Outset native, trying to catch a black pig, in hopes of giving it to his children as a pet. If Link catches it by sneaking up on it, he can bring it to Abe's wife, Rose, who then gives him a red Rupee as a reward and subsequently names the pig after Link. There are two other pigs, one spotted and one plain, that can also be caught and brought to Rose in exchange for a red Rupee.

On later visits to Outset Island, Link the Pig can be seen in the stable near the couple's house, regardless of whether Link caught him or not, due to Abe's persistence. However, neither of the other two pigs can be found on the island during later visits. It is presumed by Zill's statement, "It was delicious!", that they were eaten.

Link the Pig eventually grows extraordinarily large, and can only be lifted with the help of the Power Bracelets. When All-Purpose Bait is spread on the black soil patches on the island within the pig's sight, it will dig up valuables such as Rupees and a Piece of Heart.

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