"Oh, my, Link! You simply MUST hear this! Just take a look! My little kitty Link came back! And he brought a fish back with him. He was worried about me being angry!"

Link the Cat is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a cat that belongs to Sera; interestingly, Sera's Sundries is decorated with six visible pictures, of which only two are of her daughter, Beth, while four are of Link the Cat. The cat shares Link's name; if Link is given another name on the Name Registration screen, the cat is given the same changed name.


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Early on in the game, Link the Cat runs away from home after being scolded for stealing the fish that his mistress and her family were going to eat for dinner; Sera worries to the point where she is unable to do business with Link. Meanwhile, Link the Cat is attempting to catch a fish from Ordon Village's pond; with the Fishing Rod, Link can catch two Greengills, at which time the cat will grab one and return to Sera's Sundries. Sera is overjoyed that her cat has come back, and gives Link a bottle half-filled with Milk, and her peace of mind restored, is able to do business once more. Humorously, she believes that Link the Cat caught the fish himself.

Later on, when Link returns to the village while stuck in his wolf form, he is able to converse with Link the Cat, who tells him how to sneak up behind Hanch and surprise him, preventing him from using the Hawk to drive Link away.

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