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Link and the Portal of Doom is a Nintendo Adventure book based on Legend of Zelda series, written by Tracey West. The book focuses on Link and Navi, and takes place during the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


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The book starts when Link and his companion, Navi, are traversing Kakariko Village. Suddenly, Talon appears, and tells them that his Cuccos have disappeared. Link goes off into the forest to find them. Inside the forest, Link happens upon a giant portal that has absorbed all the Cuccos. Suddenly, Link finds himself at the mercy of the portal's suction, but manages to escape. Fearing that it might eventually grow to threaten all of Hyrule, Link decides to destroy it.

Navi finds an ancient tablet, bearing message written in Ancient Hylian, near the giant portal. The owl Kaepora Gaebora aids Link in translating the Ancient Hylian lettering, which states that in order to stop the portal, Link must sing it songs from across Hyrule. Link learns these songs, traveling to Goron City, Dodongo's Cavern, and Zora's Domain to do so, and sings them to the portal. As Link sings, the portal grows continually weaker. Nearly destroyed, the portal tries to swallow Link one more time, but at the last minute, he is saved by Princess Zelda and Impa. The portal closes behind him, and Hyrule is saved.

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