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Link is a character in The Wind Waker.[note 1]


Link is Abe and Rose's pet Pig.[1] Link can catch a wild Pig for them before departing Outset Island, receiving a Red Rupee in exchange.[2] Link will be placed in a small pen near Abe and Rose's house, along with two other pigs Link can give to Rose in exchange for a Red Rupee.

When the hero comes back to to Outset Island, the Pig will have grown and will be the only one left in the pen. While Rose claims that the other two pigs ran away, Zill implies that the family ate them.[3] The color of the grown Link will depend on the color of the Pig originally caught. If no Pig was caught or at least one black pig was, Link will then be black, if only pink and speckled pigs were caught Link will be pink and if only speckled pigs were caught Link will be speckled. Eventually, Link will have grown so much that he can only be lifted with the Power Bracelet. He can then be taken to the black soil facing Mesa's house where he will dig up a Piece of Heart if fed with All-Purpose Bait.

Like other Pigs, Link will attack the Hylian Link if attacked by the latter. He will continue attacking until Link either dies, falls in water, or leaves the area. Unlike other Pigs however, Link is capable of dealing three Hearts worth of damage with each hit due to his size.

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  1. In reality, the Pig's name matches whatever the player chooses as the hero Link's name.


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