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Not to be confused with Goron Link, the transformation of the Hero of Time in Majora's Mask.

Link is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][note 1] In Ocarina of Time, the Goron chief Darunia names his son after Link, the Hero of Time. In Majora's Mask, Link the Goron and the Hero of Time share their name by coincidence. Link can exploit this to claim the Goron's reservation at the Stock Pot Inn.


Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, Darunia's son Link is born sometime during the Hero of Time's long seven-year sleep.[3] Darunia names his son after the hero, who before falling into his sleep had saved the Gorons by chasing off the Dodongos that had taken possession of Dodongo's Cavern,[4] the Gorons' chief source of nourishment. After the Hero of Time awakens, he returns to Goron City in his search for the Fire Medallion and finds it entirely devoid of Gorons, save for the young Goron Link. When they first meet, Link the Goron is afraid the green-clad Hylian is one of Ganondorf's servants, and defiantly continues to roll around the city to avoid being captured.[5] The hero stops the Goron with a well-placed Bomb.[1] Upon learning the hero's name, Link the Goron realizes that the Hylian is the hero his father had told him about.[6] Knowing only his namesake could accomplish the task, he asks the hero to save Darunia and the other Gorons, who have been imprisoned at the Fire Temple by Ganondorf and threatened to be fed to Volvagia.[7] He helps the hero by informing him of Volvagia's weakness to the Megaton Hammer,[8] giving him the Goron Tunic,[9] and revealing the secret entrance into Death Mountain.[10]

Majora's Mask[]

In Majora's Mask, a travelling Goron named Link, unrelated to the Goron in Ocarina of Time, visits East Clock Town on the First Day at 3:00 PM. He has a reservation at the Stock Pot Inn which he attempts to claim at 4:10 PM.[11][12] If he gets the room, he goes into the Knife Chamber and is not seen again. However, Link the hero can claim the reservation for himself by speaking to Anju first, between 1:50 PM and 4:10 PM, assuming he had not spoken to her before this time.[13] He can do so because the reservation is under his name and Anju tends to forget the faces of customers.[14] In Majora's Mask 3D, Link must talk to Anju in his Goron form to claim the reservation. The ruse is not discovered because of the Goron's habit of suffixing his sentences with "goro,"[15] which confuses Anju.[16]

If Link the Hero of Time claims the room before Link the Goron, the latter will not protest to Anju and decide to sleep outside instead.[17] He falls asleep just outside Stock Pot Inn as night falls on the First Day, at 6:00 PM. During the night, he talks in his sleep of a dampness in the wind, predicting the rain that comes down on Clock Town on the Second Day.[18] Upon the Dawn of the Second Day, the disadvantaged Goron has left town and is not seen again.


Time Location Activity Condition
Dawn of the First Day
3:20 PM East Clock Town Enters Clock Town, heads to Stock Pot Inn.
4:10 PM Stock Pot Inn Lobby Speaks to Anju.
4:30 PM Stock Pot Inn Leaves to enter the Knife Chamber. Link does not have the Room Key.
4:30 PM Stock Pot Inn Leaves the Stock Pot Inn to sleep outside. Link has the Room Key.
4:50 PM Knife Chamber Enters Knife Chamber and is not seen again. Link does not have the Room Key.
Night of the First Day
6:00 PM East Clock Town Falls asleep in the streets outside Stock Pot Inn. Link has the Room Key.
Dawn of the Second Day
6:00 AM East Clock Town Leaves Clock Town and is not seen again. Link has the Room Key.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseゴロンキッド (Goron Kiddo) (OoT)[19]Goron Kid
FranceFrenchEULink (OoT | MM3D)[20][21]
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  1. In reality, the Goron's name matches whatever the player chooses as the hero Link's name.


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