"Ah, Master! Do you have an interest in the amusements of nobility?"
— Link's Butler

Link's Butler is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He serves as the Butler for the Cabana on the Private Oasis. The butler is not a living being at all, but rather a talking painting found on the front door and inside of the cabana. Despite this, he is obviously a capable butler, as he can complete various tasks, including maid service. Due to his multi-functionality, it is possible that the butler is a ghost or spirit that manifests itself inside the many paintings found in the cabana.


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The Butler often speaks very rudely to "people beneath him", and will not let children with "grubby hands" touch him. However, when Link receives the Cabana Deed from Mrs. Marie, the Butler treats Link with the utmost respect, even going as far as calling him "Master".

Inside the cabana, Link's Butler operates a tile game, a popular pastime amongst nobility. Whenever Link completes a puzzle, his butler rewards him with green and blue Rupees. When Link completes sixteen puzzles, he is rewarded with green, blue, yellow, and red Rupees.

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