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The following page is a list of the names of miscellaneous topics appearing in Link's Awakening in Japanese, English and German.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular topic in that language.
  • Many names in the German version are grammatically incorrect.



Image Japanese English German
コホリント (Kohorinto) Koholint Island Cocolint
(Eiland Cocolint,
Insel Cocolint)
Ballad of the Wind Fish Ballade vom


Manbo's Mambo Manbos Mambo
カエルのソウル (Kaeru no Sōru/Soul) Frog's Song of Soul Krötenrap
LADX Book Green Sprite.png
The Travels of Link Die Abenteuer des Link
LA Stone Slab Sprite.png
Stone Slab Steintafel
LADX Owl Statue Sprite.png
Owl Statue Eulen-Statue

PhotosTriforce piece.png

Image Japanese English German
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 1.png Here Stands A Brave Man Ein wahrer Held
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 2.png Game Over Schluß mit lustig
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 3.png ... ...
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 4.png Heads Up! Kopf hoch!
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 6.png Link Discovers Ulrira's Secret! Link enthüllt Ulriras Geheimnis!
LADX Link Plays With BowWow.png Link Plays With BowWow Link und Struppi!
LADX Link and a Zora.png I Found Zora Zora entdeckt!
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 10.png I Was Very Afraid Hab Angst gehabt!
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 11.png Close Call Nah dran

Secret Songs at the title screensTriforce piece.png

Image Japanese English German French
とたけけ[1] n/a MOYSE[2] LOLO[3]


Image Japanese Translation
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 7.png
万引防止 Shoplifting prevention (found on leftmost sign in the store)
万引は犯罪です Shoplifting is a crime (found on right sign in the store)
LADX The Travels of Link Photo 8.png
大漁 Great Catch (found on the right side of the boat)


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