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The following page is a list of the names of items appearing in Link's Awakening in Japanese, English, French and German.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item in that language.
  • Many names in the German version are grammatically incorrect.


Inventory Items

Image Japanese English French German
LA Sword Artwork.png
ソード (Sōdo) Sword Epée Schwert
LADX Level 2 Sword Sprite.png
Level 2 Sword Epée niveau 2
LADX Shield Sprite.png
Shield Bouclier Schild
LADX Shield Sprite.png
ミラーシールド (Mirā Shīrudo) Mirror Shield Bouclier-reflet Spiegel-Schild
LADX Roc's Feather Sprite.png
ロック鳥の羽根 (Rokku-chou no Hane) Roc's Feather Plume de roc Greifenfeder
LADX Power Bracelet Level 1 Sprite.png
パワーリスト (Pawā Risuto) Power Bracelet Bracelet Kraftarmband
LADX Power Bracelet Level 2 Sprite.png
Power Bracelet Super bracelet stärkeres Kraftarmband
LADX Pegasus Boots Sprite.png
ペガサスの靴 (Pegasasu no Kutsu) Pegasus Boots Bottes de Pégase Pegasusstiefel
LADX Bow Sprite.png
弓 (Yumi) Bow Arc Pfeil & Bogen
LADX Hookshot Sprite.png
フックショット (Fukkushotto) Hookshot Grappin Enterhaken
LADX Boomerang Sprite.png
ブーメラン (Būmeran) Boomerang Boomerang Bumerang
LADX Shovel Sprite.png
シャベル (Shaberu) Shovel Pelle Luxus-Schaufel
LADX Magic Powder Sprite.png
まほうのこな (Mahō no Kona) Magic Powder Poudre magique Zauberpulver
LADX Bomb Sprite.png
バクダン (Bakudan) Bomb Bombe Bombe
LADX Ocarina Sprite.png
オカリナ (Okarina) Ocarina Ocarina Flöte
LADX Magic Rod Sprite.png
マジックロッド (Majikku Roddo) Magic Rod Bâton de feu Somariastab

Dungeon Items

Image Japanese English French German
LADX Map Sprite.png
Map Carte Karte
LADX Compass Sprite.png
Compass Boussole Kompaß
LADX Small Key Sprite.png
Small Key Petite clé Kleiner Schlüssel
LADX Nightmare Key Sprite.png
Nightmare Key Grande clé Großer Schlüssel
LA Stone Slab Fragment Sprite.png
Stone Slab Fragment Fragment de marbre Das Fehlende Teil der Steintafel
LADX Stone Beak Sprite.png
Stone Beak Bec de Pierre Schnabel aus Stein


Image Japanese English French German
LADX Tail Key Sprite.png
Tail Key Clé Flagello Wurmschlüssel
LADX Slime Key Sprite.png
Slime Key Clé Cyclope Schleimschlüssel
LADX Angler Key Sprite.png
Angler Key Clé Poisson Wunderschlüssel
LADX Face Key Sprite.png
Face Key Clé du Masque Maskenschlüssel
LADX Bird Key Sprite.png
Bird Key Clé du Vautour Adlerschlüssel

Eight Instruments of the Sirens

Image Japanese English French German
LADX Instruments of the Sirens Sprite.png
Instrument of the Sirens Instruments des Sirènes 8 Musikinstrumente der Sirenen
LADX Full Moon Cello Sprite.png
Full Moon Cello Violon des Vagues Muschelgeige
LADX Conch Horn Sprite.png
Conch Horn Conque de l'Ecume Tritonshorn
LADX Sea Lily's Bell Sprite.png
Sea Lily's Bell Cloche des Algues Nixenglöckchen
LADX Surf Harp Sprite.png
Surf Harp Harpe du Reflux Neptun Harfe
LADX Wind Marimba Sprite.png
Wind Marimba Xylophone Marin Korallenxylophon
LADX Coral Triangle Sprite.png
Coral Triangle Triangle de Corail Seesterntriangel
LADX Organ of Evening Calm Sprite.png
Organ of Evening Calm Orgue de l'Embellie Poseidon Orgel
LADX Thunder Drum Sprite.png
Thunder Drum Tambour des Marées Oktopustrommel

Other Items

Image Japanese English French German
LADX Flippers Sprite.png
アングラーのみずかきだっ (Angurā no Mizukakida') Flippers Palmes Schwimmflossen
LADX Guardian Acorn Sprite.png
Guardian Acorn Gland Götterahorn
LADX Piece of Power Sprite.png
Piece of Power Fragment de Puissance Teil der MACHT
LADX Secret Seashell Sprite.png
Secret Seashell Coquillage Zaubermuschel
LADX Secret Medicine Sprite.png
Secret Medicine Médicament geheime Medizin
LADX Sleepy Toadstool Sprite.png
Sleepy Mushroom Champignon Schlummermorchel
LADX Golden Leaf Sprite.png
Golden Leaf Feuille d'Or Goldene Blätter
Rupee Rubis Rubine
Arrow Flèche Pfeile

Trading Items

Image Japanese English French German
(交換品) わらしべアイテム ((Kōkanhin) Warashibe Aitemu) Trading Items Objets d'échange
LADX Yoshi Doll Sprite.png
ヨッシー人形 (Yosshī Ningyō) Yoshi Doll Jouet Yoshi Yoshi-Puppe
LADX Ribbon Sprite.png
リボン (Ribon) Ribbon Ruban Schleife
LADX Dog Food Sprite.png
ドッグフード (Doggu Fūdo) Dog Food Pâtée pour Chien Dose mit Hundefutter
LADX Bananas Sprite.png
バナナ (Banana) Bananas Bananes Bananen
LADX Stick Sprite.png
棒きれ (Bōkire) Stick Bâton de Singe Stock
LADX Honeycomb Sprite.png
ハチの巣 (Hachi no Su) Honeycomb Rayon de Miel Honigwaben
LADX Pineapple Sprite.png
パイナップル (Painappuru) Pineapple Ananas Ananas
LADX Hibiscus Sprite.png
ハイビスカス (Haibisukasu) Hibiscus Hibiscus Hibiskus
LADX Letter Sprite.png
ヤギの手紙 (Yagi no Tegami) Letter Lettre de Chèvre Brief der Ziege
LADX Broom Sprite.png
ほうき (Hōki) Broom Balai Besen
LADX Fishing Hook Sprite.png
釣り針 (Tsuribari) Fishing Hook Hameçon Angelhaken
LADX Pink Bra Sprite.png
ピンクのブラジャー (Pinku no Burajā) Pink Bra Bikini Bikini-Oberteil
LADX Necklace Sprite.png
人魚の首飾り (Ningyo no Kubi-Kazari) Necklace Collier Perlenkette
LADX Scale Sprite.png
人魚の鱗 (Ningyo no Uroko) Scale Ecaille Schuppe
LADX Magnifying Lens Sprite.png
みとおしレンズ (Mitōshi Renzu) Magnifying Lens Loupe magische Lupe

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