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The Light Dragon is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Light Dragon is one of four dragons roaming around Hyrule, alongside Dinraal, Farosh and Naydra.

The Light Dragon flies clockwise around Hyrule, above every Skyview Tower except for the one at Lookout Landing. The route takes about 2 real-time hours to complete.

Like the other dragons, the Light Dragon cannot be harmed in any way, but it can be struck with arrows or other attacks to drop scales, claws, horn shards and fangs; materials harvested from the Light Dragon will heal 1⁄4 of a Heart per hit when attached to a weapon in use, but will not fix Hearts broken by Gloom. As with the other dragons, upon striking it for a material, Link will need to wait for at least 10 real-time minutes without pausing or slowing down/stopping time to do so again.

Unlike its brethren, the Light Dragon does not alter the weather, nor does it defend itself using passive attacks. Like the other dragons, it will create a gust of wind, allowing Link to glide around it. The Light Dragon is the smallest Dragon in the game.

The true form of the Light Dragon is Princess Zelda, who swallowed her Secret Stone to become a powerful, immortal dragon and imbue the damaged Master Sword with holy power so it could be restored and strengthened for Link in the present day. However, the transformation caused Zelda to lose her memories and personality, becoming a mindless creature that roams around the sky.

The Master Sword is lodged in the dragon's forehead, having been successfully restored and conveyed, as Zelda hoped. If Link tries to pull it out, the Light Dragon will roar and attempt to throw him off, but if Link has at least 5 Stamina Vessels (amounting to at least 2 full Stamina Wheels), he can hold on until the Light Dragon flies above the clouds and calms down, allowing Link to pull the sword out.

The Light Dragon plays a key role in the final battle against the Demon Dragon. It instinctively flies to Link's aid, carries the hero high enough for him to skydive towards his enemy, and picks him up if he goes out of bounds. If Link does not already have the Master Sword, he will be able to pull it out here, regardless of Stamina, as the sword is used for the finishing blow. No materials can be harvested from the Light Dragon during the final battle. After the Demon Dragon is defeated, Link combines his power with that of the spirits of King Rauru and Queen Sonia to turn the Light Dragon back into Zelda.